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Practice Helpers
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Practice Helpers by Marigaie Whitney - June 1986

       LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! 1. Note key signature and time signature before you begin to play as well as tempo markings and dynamics. Try to discover the overall mood. Study score away from the keyboard 2. Analyze the form--looking for repetitions in melody and rhythm, sequences, and harmonic progressions (chords), Study the interval patterns. 3. Divide the piece into workable sections. Number them. BEGINNING TO PLAY -- CONCENTRATE! 1. Clap rhythm. 2. Sing finger numbers in the air. 3. Warm up in the key--scale and chord progression. 4. Try sight-reading through piece as accurately as possible slowly. 5. Note correct fingering and be sure to write any changes in, if needed. Note the accidentals and draw lines for pulses. 6. Practice each section Slowly Work hands separately with metronome. Count aloud. Tune in to how your muscles feel. Practice is a mental and physical activity. 7. Do not hurry.- If any tension arises or a mistake occurs, go slower. SLOW PRACTICE IS GOLD PRACTICE. 8. Do not move on to the next section until you can play it 3 times in a row without mistakes--in rhythm. 9. Allow time for thought and work on expression, phrasing, tone quality and pedaling. 10. Listen to yourself--tape it. Try to match the sound you are making to the sound you want to make. 11. Allow time in your session to review old pieces, sight-read and play for fun WHEN HAVING SPECIAL PROBLEMS.. 1. Play only notes on principle beats. 2. Practice four different tempi--especially slowly. Use metronome to work up a difficult passage. 3. Block out basic chord structures. 4. Practice fast passages in rhythms:     long - short - short - short     short - short - short - long     short - long - short - long     long - short - long - short 5. Practice non-legato~~staccato. 6. Reverse the dynamics. 7. Practice one hand on the wood and other hand on the piano. 8. To bridge the sections, practice the last measure of one section and the first measure of the next section. 9. Practice a difficult measure in various octaves. 10. Alternate measures--play one measure with right hand and next measure with the left hand. 11. Sing along while playing. This helps to develop the phrase. 12. Beat the rhythm with one hand while playing with the other. 13. Memorize a difficult passage. Practice with eyes closed. Home Page | Home Page (2) | Practice Helpers | Gallery | Contact
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Practice Helpers